Giacomo Nanni

Hi, I’m Giacomo and

I transform spreadsheets into graphics.
Just like this one.

I’m an information designer with a strong passion for critical cartography and internet geographies. I’m particularly interested in questioning the ethics of machine learning systems and to create my own datasets.

My practice focuses on how data visualisation can be used to make sense of socio and cultural data.

With a focus on digital collections and archives, I work with museums, universities and institutions.
Currently, I am a research associate at the Urban Complexity Lab (DE) and I am collaborating with Chialab (IT) and Airwars (UK).

Apart from that, i photograph weird food and i share music with my brother on a weekly basis.
If you are interested in this random nonsense, feel free to search for my email in a maze, print me a message or leave me a drawing. Otherwise you can always write me here.





Exhibiting at: Bureau Europa